First New Album release of 2019

First album release of 2019.  Sonic journey exploring timeless space and inner dimensions of the mind.

Blog post review from YIKIS

Blog review from YIKIS for my album "Flowing Resonance"

Trend Tuesday 5/16/17

Article from NPR regarding MP3

Water Wednesday 5/3/17

Water Wednesday speed and distance of sound waves in water

Frequency Friday 4/28/17

5 min Water and synthscape 8hz meditation with sunrise from space

Trend Tuesday 4/11/17

Trends in film scoring 

Frequency Friday 4/7/17

Water source on location slideshow

Water Wednesday 4/5/17

Underwater frequency info with fun facts

Trend Tuesday 4/4/17

Spotify working with Universal

Frequency Friday 3/31/17

Importance of clean water audio

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